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The Internet offers its users numerous dematerialised goods, namely in the field of entertainment and culture: games, music, videos, software, press articles, etc. All these products are distributed and sold 100% online. They have thus contributed to the stimulation of a new sales channel obeying to its own rules when it comes to payment. New stakes and new opportunities must be taken into account in order to better meet the needs of trading in digital goods, and optimize all activity in this domain. HiPay Mobile offers all key factors for success in the sale of digital goods and services.

International scope

Delivery is no longer a deciding factor when it comes to dematerialized goods. Digital goods are available everywhere, for everyone. Developing international sales becomes a sizeable opportunity in order to maximize profits for an editor or a merchant. International sales must hence be approached not only in terms of maximum coverage, but also with a multicultural approach, taking into account online payment and consumer habits for every market. To guide you, HiPay Mobile has selected the most appropriate and most widely used solutions in each of the 100 countries that we cover.

Challenges of micropayments

In order to facilitate the monetization of digital goods, the best approach to initiate the use of freemium or an added value service is often the use of micro-transactions (as they can appear painless). For these micro payments, a bankcard is not the better rated or most practical payment method. A pioneer in micro payments, HiPay Mobile provides alternative solutions created in partnership with telecommunication operators. In general, the payment is made from a mobile phone or from a fixed Internet connection by the user. It guarantees speed, simplicity and anonymity. For the merchant, these mobile or alternative payment methods mean a high conversion rate of users, repeat consumption and the implementation of efficient tools to retain customers.

Personalizing the user's experience

Payments are often made in several steps, each of them being a potential obstacle for conversion. HiPay Mobile offers personalization solutions for the payment pages and allows you to make the payment "funnel" more coherent with your sites's environment. Your conversion rates will benefit from maintaining a more fluid customer experience for your users.
HiPay Mobile also offers additional personalization solutions in the use of mobile payments such as personalized keywords and dedicated short codes. These solutions allow a unique approach to the client experience, fully adapted to the uses of your target population.

Mobile CRM

More than 10 years' experience in the field of mobile payments have allowed HiPay Mobile to go further than the simple processing of transactions made from mobile phone. Directly connected to telecommunication operators, HiPay Mobile can implement mobile CRM procedures with commercial action routines in order to stimulate your active client base or re-activate your previous customers.

HiPay Fullservice was created in response to the constant growth of e-commerce, which represents more than 1000 billion euros worth of transactions worldwide. HiPay provides e-merchants with a secure online payment solution, with exclusive tools, which decidedly optimize conversion rates.

Fraud management

Fraud represents on average 0,3% of online bank transactions, and up to 1% in certain industries if it is badly monitored. Indeed, anti-fraud monitoring is an integral part of the key factors for the success of e-commerce, and this is why HiPay Fullservice provides its clients with extremely successful and innovating tools to make them more precise and more efficient in this domain. With a totally dedicated interface, merchants using HiPay Fullservice can implement more than 80 anti-fraud filters with customizable profiling tools. HiPay Fullservice offers its assistance to set-up these tools' parameters. Every merchant can then customize these parameters according to their needs and experience.

Play with the unique ID!

Thanks to its PCI DSS compliance, HiPay is able to process transactions according to your needs: single payment or fragmented payments, subscription, direct debit, one-click payment, etc. HiPay Fullservice continually offers innovating solutions to facilitate payments and thus increase your sales.

A/B testing

The optimization of the conversion tunnel is a daily reality for e-merchants. HiPay Fullservice not only offers a complete personnlisation module for payment pages but also the possibility to test several possible templates under real conditions, in order to determine which is the most efficient. HiPay Fullservice will always be by your side to create Business Intelligence around your clients' payment experience and to assist you in the constant improvement of your transaction platform.


Every merchant must take into account the evolution of uses of the new connected equipment, such as smartphones, tablets and soon-connected television. Digital consumption is increasingly promoted through these device. All the functionalities and products developed by HiPay Fullservice are created and built in a multi-platform and multi-channel format, for you to benefit from scale effects and experience regardless of the terminal used by your clients.


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