Getting protected against fraud during Christmas and sales period: is it possible? Yes, by using the right tools!

Advice n°3: Adapt your website to exceptional periods

During Christmas time and Winter Sales, the average cart is way higher than usual. Merchants must take a specific risk strategy to protect their websites during those periods, sometimes very sensitive. Rules that limit the transactions amount can be bad for conversion rates: they can consider carts higher than the average as fraudulent. Merchants must set up their anti-fraud system in a specific mode with more flexible rules in terms of order value.

Advice n°4: Always give advantage to suspicious transaction asynchronous analysis

Online transactions pass through two consecutive status in the process. First, the authorization payment data checking and the amount booked on the credit limit on the card use. Secondly, the capture, which represents the debit request on the card. At HiPay, we suggest our merchants to defer capture in order to isolate suspicious transactions and be able to analyze them before the capture request. This way, a merchant can get up to 4% of additional orders because the transaction has not been automatically rejected.

It is also important to remember that Christmas time and Winter Sales are specific. They should encourage you to adopt a long-term policy for risk management. You should be able to invest in tools and teams that will help you to go through the transaction rejection process and to include a detailed transaction analysis. Your business model is based on your consumer experience, do not neglect these parameters!